Successful writing comes down to one thing.

Sure, the words matter. And the topic. The setting. The details. And conflict. Tension. Surprises. Characters. Dialogue. Emotion. Any middle schooler taking a lit course knows the list.

Successful writing – a blog, a novel, a play or a textbook – still comes down to one thing.

The best story wins.

It doesn’t matter who knows more. What matters is whether the writer pulls in the reader and keeps them there, captivated.

At Spōx our job is to tell your story.

Everyone has one, but not everyone knows how to tell it.

A 17-year-old loads boxes at Lowe’s. The seemingly mindless work sparks an idea about logistics and workflow. Years later – after jobs in food service and as a contract IT guy – he lays the foundation for a different kind of corporation, now in its sixth year.

A recent college grad forgets his thumb drive at home when he goes on a weekend trip and comes up with an idea for cloud storage and a file sharing app.

A PepsiCo janitor with a fourth grade education suggests a new chip flavor. He rises to become an executive and motivational speaker.

In the right hands, stories come alive.

Tell your story. And Spōx will make it the one that wins.

Use what you need.

Find Your Voice

  • In 8-12 weeks, we’ll help you develop a consistent voice and tone across your platforms. We’ll clarify and sharpen your communications. We’ll provide outreach about your product to news media.

$1,250 / month

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Sharpen Your Skills

  • We’ll coach you about what to do when a reporter calls. We’ll help you develop relationships with influential media, and give you the additional tools to sculpt your narrative. We’ll work alongside you as your company grows.

$4,000 / month 

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or design a package.

At Spōx, we tell the story.

Spōx, founded by a former media professional (and word nerd), grew out of a need we saw: Mainly, that entrepreneurs may not have the time or inclination to concentrate on telling their stories. We’re parents, entrepreneurs and professionals. We get it.

We’ll work with you to find your voice, craft your message and tell your story.

Everyone has a story. We want to help you tell yours.

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