Share your story

The best story wins.


Others may have a crisper commentary, exacting descriptions, or more in-depth research, but the best story gets read. Word gets around.

Think about it. Two runaways on a raft in a muddy river. No doubt, other writers have used similar characters and settings. With slim clues, most people think Huck Finn, because Mark Twain told the best story of Huck and Jim on the lam.

Unfortunately, Twain isn’t on the Spōx team and your story may not achieve the timelessness of Huck Finn. What will happen: Spōx will shape your story and coach you on how to share it with employees, stakeholders, clients and media.

The process takes time, and an experienced team. We’ll talk with you, about everything from your background to how you got here. There will be things you may think have nothing to do with your company, but we home in on the parts that inform your story.

We’ll exchange ideas and review rough drafts. We’ll double check the syntax and the punctuation, and make sure the story flows. Spōx will tailor your story to your specialized audiences, and will update and reshape it going forward.

And with you, we’ll tell your best story.

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